Preventing the Spread of Bed bugs

When it comes to bed bugs, prevention is usually a far better idea than a cure, as once these nasty pests enter your home, it is pretty difficult to annihilate the problem in its entirety. However, if your home, or a part of your home is already infested with these bloodsucking creatures, you need to make sure that you control its spread to other areas. (more…)

Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous?

Bed bugs bites can be dangerous, irritable and frustrating. The bites leave ugly and itchy marks on the skin surface. In most cases, bugs are the cause of sleepless nights for those infested. While the bed bug bites may appear to have less visible effects, in most instances they can lead to prominent blisters leading to mental, psychological and physical distress.

According to recent research on the impact of bed bugs bites, it was found out that bed bugs do not transmit diseases. However, they have been confirmed to transmit causative agents of relapsing fever, yellow fever, tularaemia, typhus, plague, and anthrax. Furthermore, they carry at least forty pathogens such as parasitic worms, protozoa, bacteria and viruses, which adversely affect the human health. Children infested by bed bugs are mostly affected as they turn pale and listless. (more…)

5 Steps to Eliminate Bed Bugs

A few decades ago bed bugs could be quickly eliminated using very powerful but toxic chemical substances like DDT. However, most of these chemicals were banned due to their adverse effects on human beings and the environment. This is one of the reasons that has contributed to bed bugs becoming the nuisance that they are today. As troublesome as they may be, getting rid of them shouldn’t be a problem if you know what to do. The following five tips will come in handy when you decide to implement bed bug control. (more…)

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Where do bed bugs come from? This is a commonly asked question by homeowners who have had to deal with a bed bugs problem. Bed bugs do not just come to homes that are dirty. Most people are likely to liken bed bugs with uncleanliness but that is not the case. Bed bugs are very sneaky and can get ways to come into your house. Once in the home, bed bugs can be very dangerous causing a nightmare in homes. They appear mostly during the night and their bites can also cause itchy red welts on the skin due to the proteins in their saliva. Bed bugs will not cling into people but can easily get caught up in belongings like the purse, laptop bags and suitcases and be easily transported to homes.  (more…)

Eliminate Bed Bugs with These Easy Tips

Bed bugs are small, flat, rusty, wingless insects that have a reddish-brown color and are about the size of an apple seed. During the day, the hide on mattress seams, bed frames, headboards, box springs, as well as cracks and crevices in walls, floors and furniture. They only crawl out at night to feed on human blood when people are asleep. Although they aren’t dangerous unless you’re allergic to their bites, having these unwanted guests your house can make life so unbearable. So, who do you remove bed bugs from your home? Try these easy tips.  (more…)