How to Eliminate Cockroaches From Your Home

Cockroaches are quite the troublesome pests and apart from invading your space and creating a nuisance, they also dirty every nook and cranny they live in, making the entire surrounding unhygienic. Moreover, their ability to spread diseases and cause allergies is yet another reason to ensure that they do not make themselves at home in your house. (more…)

Cockroach Bait Stations vs Cockroach Sprays

While the environment offers a wide variety of insects that can infest people’s homes, cockroaches are a formidable pest that thrive in most areas with food and water. It easy to identify cockroaches from other insects because of their distinct dark red-brown, dark brown, or black body color, and their total body length can range from one to one-and-half inches. Though both male and female cockroaches will often have wings, their ability to fly depends on the species. But a common household nuisance are the “nymph” cockroaches (which are unable to fly), but their strong legs allow them to run fast. So when it comes to do-it-yourself pest control, considering the species of cockroach you are trying to kill will depend on the cockroach species and the size of the infestation in your house, and whether or not you have any pets and children in the house. (more…)

Simple Tips To Remove Cockroaches

Not only re cockroaches unsanitary, but they also wreak havoc in most homes as people tend to fear these pests. For this reason, as a homeowner, if you do have a problem with roach infestation, you have to take a few precautions to get rid of cockroaches. And, it may not be as difficult as you would expect! These are a few simple tips to try when you want to get rid of these critters in the home.   (more…)

Signs of Cockroaches Infestation in Your House

Cockroaches can be a nuisance plus they are also good in spreading disease causing bacteria as they walk on food and other related items. Unlike many other pests, detecting cockroach infestation in your home is easy. In most cases, many people do not consider their homes to be infested as they rely on what they see during the day but the story is normally different when you go to bed. Cockroaches are normally very active at night and will crawl out of their hideout immediately you switch off the lights. It is important to know when your home is infested with these harmful yet innocent looking pests as this will help you eliminate them early before the multiply into unmanageable numbers.  (more…)

How To Handle Cockroaches Infestation In Restaurant

Cockroaches have been around for years. They are very common in homes and restaurants especially because they find food and good hiding places therein. The most unfortunate thing however is that although it is easy for them to reproduce and multiply, getting rid of cockroaches can be hard especially if they have made your restaurant their home. Cockroaches are repulsive in nature especially in food service establishments including restaurants and they can pose a health risk as they are responsible for transporting a host of disease causing organisms such as bacteria which are responsible for different kinds of food poisonings. With this in mind, it is important to know how well you can handle cockroach infestation in your restaurant without exposing yourself and your customers to any health risks.  (more…)