Bed Bugs

bed-bug-control-etobicokeBed Bug Exterminator Etobicoke. Reliable, licensed and insured bed bug exterminators operating in Etobicoke. Let the professionals take care of the problem with guaranteed results. Have a fully licensed and experienced pest control technicians can effectively deal with even the most challenging bed bug infestations. Call: 647-503-4766

The products available to consumers when it comes to bed bugs are not effective. As licensed exterminators, we have an arsenal of insecticides available for effective treatments. Attempting to deal with bed bugs on your own and without the necessary knowledge and experience can be frustrating and can be ineffective.

If bed bugs make their way into your space, their population will begin to grow immediately. Their numbers grow fast and the more time they have the more they will grow in numbers. Do it yourself treatments are not effective and the problem just grows. Every bed bug problem is different and bed bugs have developed resistance to certain treatments. This is where the expertise of a trained exterminator comes into play. If you know or suspect you have bed bugs, we can help. Call or email us to book a no-obligation inspection or treatment.

Bed Bug Signs

Signs of bed bugs include bites, black or red spots on bedding as well as the bed bugs themselves. Small reddish spots on your skin in the morning could be a sign of bed bugs. Blood spots on sheets and other beddings is also a sign that they might be around. Of course, finding a bed bug is the most concrete sign. Bed bugs are attracted by the CO2 we exhale. They find and feed off their hosts at night. Since bedbugs are excellent hitchhikers, they can even enter your home in used furniture you may have bought without checking for an infestation or even through the clothes and luggage of guests and visitors.

Bed bugs only need human blood to survive and although it is a popular notion that bedbugs are attracted to unkempt surroundings, this isn’t entirely true. Bed bugs only need the presence of humans so that they can feed off their blood, and the cleanliness factor only comes play because in cluttered or filthy environments, their presence often goes undetected or it simply makes hiding an easier task. If all the signs point to bed bugs, call us. We will take care of the problem and guarantee our service. Call for bed bug control in Etobicoke. 647-503-4766

Bed Bug Extermination Etobicoke

At Pest Control Etobicoke, our licensed and fully insured technicians are aware of every detail associated with bedbugs. We know how difficult it is to get rid of these creatures and have devised a systematic and customizable procedure to deal with the problem in a comprehensive manner.

Our guaranteed services include the tracking down of the bedbug infestation in all possible locations, isolating and treating the infested areas, and getting rid of not only the adult bed bugs but also the nymphs and eggs. This helps in eliminating the possibility of a repeat infestation.

So, if you’re up against a bedbug infestation and are forced to spend sleepless nights in your own home, call Bed Bug Exterminator Etobicoke: 647-503-4766 for a prompt inspection appointment. In return, we will offer you a comprehensive solution that will eradicate the bedbug problem in its entirety, and help you peacefully once more.